• 5 Ply Automatic Flute Laminator(3+2)

5 Ply Automatic Flute Laminator(3+2)

TYPE: YK-1300B, YK-1450B
Product Description


● B Type Automatic Flute Laminator used for printing and packaging industry on the cardboard to cardboard, corrugated to cardboard for fluting, the application of corrugated are A, B, C, D, E, F, N treng , three, five, seven story can work, fluted a good flatness of the paper, high accuracy.

● Well-known manufacturers of genuine products are adopted in the main parts of machine, It is long life, good stability. The world's well-known brands products are adopted in electrical parts, imported bearings is adopted in the key parts, to ensure the stability of the whole performance.

● Machine with good stability and accuracy of the mounted, easy use, low wear and tear, saving time, the advantages of easy maintenance.


Max. paper size1300×1100mm1450×1100mm1600×1200
Min. paper size400×400400×400400×400
Mini.  weight of bottom paper300gsm300gsm300gsm
Max. weight of bottom paper800gsm800gsm800gsm
Max. thickness of paper10mm10mm10mm
Mini. weight of face paper180gsm180gsm250gsm
Max. weight of face paper800gsm800gsm800gsm
Precision of paperboard and cardboard±1.2mm±1.2mm±1.2mm
Precision of paperboard and corrugated board±1.5mm±1.5mm±1.5mm
Machine speed100PCS/MIN100 PCS/MIN70 PCS/MIN
Total power14HP14HP14HP
Total length12.5M12.5M14.5M
Total weight6200KG6200KG7500KG