• YKL-1228 Flexo folder Gluers
  • YKL-1228 Flexo folder Gluers

YKL-1228 Flexo folder Gluers

TYPE: YKL-920; YKL-1220; YKL-1224
Product Description

FFG Advantages

  • High production efficiency, high per capita output value.

  • Low labor intensity and low labor cost. It is a common equipment in foreign countries,

    suitable for producing large quantities of orders.

  • 2-3 people can complete the entire carton production task. If the factory has a fully automated logistics system,

    the equipment can be used to maximum efficiency.

  • The intelligent aspects of the printing press are mainly reflected in the daily work, such as hanging the plate,

    changing the mold using the fast automatic installation mode will greatly reduce the labor intensity.


Wall board thickness60mm60mm60mm
Max Machine Speed (pcs/min)250200180
Economic Working Speed (pcs/min)200150130
Max. Feeding Size (mm)900X20001200×24001600X2400
Min. Feeding Size (mm)300X600400x900400X900
Skip-feeding Size (mm)1200X20001400×24001800X2400
Standard Plate Thickness (mm)
Min. slotter distance NEGATIVE300X100X300X100300X100X300X100300X100X300X100
Max slotter depth (mm)600600600
Print precision (mm)±0.3±0.3±0.3
Slot precision (mm)±1.0±1.0±1.0
Die cut precision (mm)±1.0±1.0±1.0
Suitable Cardboard Thickness (mm)2 - 112 - 112 - 11

Flexo folder Gluers

Flexo folder Gluers

Flexo folder Gluers

Casemaker-Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter with Folder Gluer Inline