• Semi-Automatic Flat Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

Semi-Automatic Flat Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

TYPE: YK-1200; YK-1650;
Product Description


Feeding and pre-stack

● Safe and reliable pre-stack device makes paper-pile tidier.

● Economic and practical manual paper feeding efficiently solves the problems, such as wrapping paper’s difficultly entering and paper’s not reaching the right position. Automatic rising paper feeding platform makes work more convenient and quick.

● It is convenient to adjust the stable front lay and side lay. LCD displays the machine state, trouble reason and troubleshooting, which fully actualizes man-machine communication and makes operation more convenient.

Electric control box

● Electric control system adopts microcomputer control, actualizing feeding, die cutting and delivery’s automatic control and timely detection.

● Various safety devices actualize safe and reliable operation.

Main machine die cutting part

● High-precision indexing mechanism is adopted to ensure accurate index and steady running.

● Pneumatic clutch from Italy delivers large torque. The patent card board technology of Nikko Holding of Japan combined with simple plate frame device makes installation and change of plate faster and secondary installation quicker. At the same time large plate’s dropping problem is resolved.

Delivery part

● It is easy to adjust front-rear even and side even ensuring tidy delivery.

● Automatic paper delivery platform is high enough to make delivery more convenient and work efficiency improved.

● Non-stop sampling mechanism can actualize the inspection of die cutting sheets at any moment.


Max.Paper Size1230×850mm1510×1120mm1670×1250mm
Min.Paper Size350×450mm450×550mm500×550mm
Max.Die-cutting Size1210×830mm1490×1100mm1650×1200mm
The minimum size in mouth888
Max.Die-cutting Pressure300n/c㎡300n/c㎡300n/c㎡
Corrugated paper8mm(max.thickness)8mm(max.thickness)8mm(max.thickness)
Die cutting precision±0.1±0.1±0.1
Max.die-cutting speed4500 sheets/h4500 sheets/h4000 sheets/h
Max.Feeding Pile Height1400mm(above thelevel)1400mm(above thelevel)1400mm(above thelevel)
Max.Collecting Pile Height1200mm(above thelevel)1250mm(above thelevel)1300mm(above thelevel)
Total Power11KW13.5KW20KW