• Lead Edge Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine
  • Lead Edge Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

Lead Edge Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

TYPE: YK-1300, YK-1500
Product Description


● The Lead Edge Type Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine is the main equipment for making high-grade color box, plug and different shapes of ink cartons.

● The machine adopts Anchuan servo system, Gogol four axes motion controller, non-pressure feeding system, high strength gripper teeth row, whole swing front guide, automatic pushing guide, high precision interval structure, pneumatic locking plate. Pneumatic clutch, overload protector, automatic paper collecting, makes our machine has a short paper feeding distance, positioning correctly, paper collecting in order, can also do non-gripper die cutting.

● Computer control makes the whole machine running automatically, man-machine interface display the working condition and trouble dealing method. Key components, control systems and fasteners are imported and carefully assembled to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine. With many sensors and protection devices to ensure machine working and workers safety.


Die cutting typePressed flat die cutting(Lower sideis movable while upper side is unmovable)Pressed flat die cutting (Lower sideis movable while upper side is unmovable)
Max papertransmitting size1320*940mm1510*1120mm
Min papertransmitting size400*500mm400*550mm
Max die cutting size1300*920mm1490*1100mm
Min gripper size8mm8mm
Max diecutting pressure320N/cm²320N/cm²
Die cutting precision±0.1mm±0.1mm
Max die cutting speed6500 sheets/h6500 sheets/h
Total power17.5kw20.5kw
Total weight17.5T18.5T
Overall size6200*2200*2250mm(Not including the pedal)6200*2400*2250mm(Not including the pedal)