• Electric Type Waste paper removing stripping machine

Electric Type Waste paper removing stripping machine

TYPE: TM-2536
Product Description

Product Description
The waste stripping machine is a pneumatic tool used for stripping the waste edges of cardboard, Micro-corrugated and ordinary corrugated paper in the printing industry. It can replace manual hammer to remove waste, improve work efficiency and shorten time of waste removal. Function: pneumatic waste stripping machine through the pneumatic motor drives the gear chain high speed cycle operation, the teeth will waste paper edge tick and removal.  

Characteristic:(stripping machine)

1,The waste stripper machine is a very efficient manual stripping equipment, and the waste stripping efficiency is increased by nearly 10 times. Traditional removal waste need 3 hours, the stripping machine need 10-30 minutes, greatly shorten the delivery period;


2,The waste stripper machine has the advantages of compact structure, weight is similar with common portable grinder, very convenient to use, the male and female employees can operate after simple training;


3,It doesn't damage the pasting parts when removal the waste, and improve the efficiency of Back-end process (paste box / automatic packaging);


4,The waste removing machine adopts pneumatic motor (not like ordinary portable polishing machine that carbon brush easily bad), good safety and long service life;


5,The tooth chain of waste stripping machine (imported from Japan) adopts high strength alloy steel, which is treated by heating treatment. It has high hardness, strong wear resistance, long service life and convenient replacement;

 6, Reduce work-related injuries and other occurrence. For example, injuries to the wrist, back, shoulder, and repetitive movements are reduced due to monotonous repetitive manual work. The staff of the cleaning department will appreciate the changes you have made to their work.

Free speed:2100R.P.M
Arg Air Cons:12CFM
Air pressure:6-8kg
Air Hose Size:8/12
Net weight:4.6kg

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