• Semi Carton Box Stitcher Machine-1PC
  • Semi Carton Box Stitcher Machine-1PC

Semi Carton Box Stitcher Machine-1PC

TYPE: YK-2000, YK-3000
Product Description

The function and characteristic

  • Japan's Mitsubishi original imported dual servo drive with accurate accuracy and reduced mechanical transmission, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the machine.

  • Mitsubishi touch screen operation, the parameters (nail distance, number of nails, nail type, backgate) can be changed quickly and easily.

  • The entire control system uses Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system.

  • The rear electric baffle is driven by a stepping motor, with accurate size and convenient size change.

  • The full contactor in the control box adopts Mitsubishi brand.

  • Optoelectronics and proximity switches use the Schneider brand.

  • The bottom mold and blade are made of Japanese tungsten steel (wear-resistant).

  • The entire set of nail heads are made of special steel and precision processed by computer gongs.

  • Single nail /, double nail //, and reinforced nail (// / / // double nails on both ends are single nails in the middle) can be completed at one time, which can meet different customer requirements for different nail types

  • Changing the carton size and adjusting the carton nail pitch can be completed in one minute, which saves time and facilitates operation.

  • The front-end paper feeding section automatically counts, and the paper feeding table is equipped with a photoelectric sensor, which automatically rises when feeding paper.

  • There is an automatic counting function in the back section. The finished product can be stacked and sent to the end of the conveying machine according to the set number (1-99), which is convenient for packing.

  • Mechanical speed: 600 nails / minute.

  • Nail pitch: 30-120mm adjustable.

  • Electric adjustment of the gap between the pressing rollers.

  • Effective height of table lifting: 900mm.

  • Machine size: host 2.8x1.7x2.2 meters.

  • Machine weight: 1.5T.

  • The protection function of the electrical isolation transformer of the whole machine;

  • Automatic wire feeding system, 20KG flat wire, save time.

2 Specifications:

MAX C350mm
MIN C65mm
MIN (C+D+C)350mm
MAX B700mm
MIN B150mm
MAX A1100mm
MIN A150mm
MACHINE SIZE2800×2600mm
SPEED600Nail / minute

Semi Carton Box Stitcher Machine-1PC