• Fully Automatic Stitcher and Gluer Machine

Fully Automatic Stitcher and Gluer Machine

TYPE: YK-2600, YK-2800
Product Description


1. The machine full computer control, easy operation, simple; can be stored 800orders;

2. Box without bottom and with cover can be stapled, too (to be specified when ordering);

3. 3-5 minutes to shift the sizes, simple and quick;

4. Nail head power for the servo motor, the mechanical speed:800nails per minute;

5. The paper feeding part adopts vacuum adsorption front belt feeding to ensure that the cartons are not skewed; the machine paper feeding front belt can be adjusted belt height alone, increased service life;

6. Feed have side flapping device enables the sending paper neatly smooth;

7. The paper feeder feeding speed is controlled automatically by PLC, guaranteed not to occur nail carton out or nails bad phenomenon;

8. The paper feeding motor adopts the servo motor to control, to ensure stable and accurate nail pitch;

9. This machine is designed with box shaping functions, ensure the scissors will not appear in the stitching; the difference is no more than +/- 1mm;

10. The machine can do singel, double nails, strengthening the nail, double and single head tail nail are completed at a time.