• Automatic Partition Assembler Machine

Automatic Partition Assembler Machine

TYPE: YK-450
Product Description


BL450 serious automatic partition assembler machine is optimized to be a new partition assembler devices on the basis of absorbing the advantage of equipment at home and abroad in our factory. The equipment takes the place of the traditional manual operation made, automatic complete insertion of clapboard, saving labor costs, effectively improve the production efficiency at the same time. It is the ideal packing equipment of fruit and vegetable, glass ceramic, plastic and so on.

Advantages Introduction:

● Instead of traditional manual operation mode, reduce the manpower cost, high efficiency and energy saving.

● Touching screen configuration, easy operation.

● All parts is made of high quality raw materials, after precision machining equipment, long service life.

● Science advanced mechanical structure, adjust easily in short time, easy to use and maintenance.

● Purchased components selects the high quality brand products at home and abroad, the quality is guaranteed.