• Rewinder for Single Facer Line
  • Rewinder for Single Facer Line
  • Rewinder for Single Facer Line
  • Rewinder for Single Facer Line

Rewinder for Single Facer Line

TYPE: RW-1600
Product Description

The single-faced corrugated cardboard produced by the single-face corrugating machine is wound on the mandrel by a single-sided cardboard, and the single-sided cardboard is wound into a paper roll on the mandrel by a torque motor and a chain drive. The mandrel is equipped with a manual clutch and the rewinding speed can be adjusted.

The main technical parameters:

1. Width: 1200-2200mm

2. Maximum rewinding diameter: 1300mm

3. Torque motor torque: 16N.m

4. Mandrel: 40*40 square tube

Single Facer | Corrugated Cardboard Production Line manufacturer based in China. CE certified. which for making corrugated paper, the medium process into wave-paper, past glue on top of flutes, stick with liner become into single-face corrugated paper.

  • Working width:1400mm,1600mm,1800mm,2200mm

  • Flute type: UV type

  • Flute: A, C, B ,E,F..

  • corrugated roller material adopt  48CrMoalloy steel, quenchedLaser hardeningSurface finishmain roll of corrugated diameter¢ 280mmsurface hardnessHRC60degree aboveThe key parts of the tile and pressure roller bearings Wafangdian produce high temperature bearings.

  • pressure roller ¢ 284mm,surface grinding and chrome-plated

main purchased partsmaterials and place of origin

Name of main parts

Brands or place of origin

Material and type

Wall and Pedestals

Production own


Rotary joints and metal hoses

Shan dong teng zhou luguanqiu

Main drive motor

Hebei Hengshui

7.5Kwspeed motor


HRBZWZCYC or Zhengjiang wanxiang

Seat belt bearing

Zhengjiang five rings

High pressure air

Shanghai Yingfa


Zhengjiang Sanzheng


Chint or de li xi

Rewinder for Single Facer Line