• NC Sheet Cutter & Automatic Stacker Machine
  • NC Sheet Cutter & Automatic Stacker Machine

NC Sheet Cutter & Automatic Stacker Machine

TYPE: NCS-1600, NCS-1800
Product Description

NC Sheet Cutter & Automatic Stacker Machine


1. Can save more than 200 groups order, can change cutting size exactly in short time without stop, can connect to computer system, this makes the production management good.

2. Drive system has high precision.

3. Knife has good and stable quality, usage life is long.

4. Roll for leading paperboard has anti-skid material cover, more wear-resisting, size is correct.

5. Servo control motor drive, 5.7 inch Colorful touch screen, you can check every item clearly.

6. Cutting length: 300-9000mm, cutting error: ±1.5mm (stable speed).

Main Technological Parameters:

1. Max. cutting width: 1600mm.

2. Design Speed: 100m/min.

3. Max. Working speed: 80m/min.

4. Min. Cutting length: 100mm.

5. Max. Cutting length: 9000mm.

6. Cutting precision: ±1.5mm (stable speed).

7. All the roll axis surface are grinded and chrome coated (except the knife axis).

Automatic Paperboard Stacker:

1. Working Width: 1600mm.

2. Speed: 80-100m/min.

3. Max. Stack length: 1350mm.

4. The machine can automatic count, automatic stack, automatic separate the pale without stop the machine.

5. Max. Stack height: 100mm.

6. This machine occupied small space, saving labor, it is the best choice for the low speed machine.

NC Sheet Cutter