• DM-LM Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine

DM-LM Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine

TYPE: DM-LM1800, DM-LM2200
Product Description

Structural Features:

● Gantry stacking, Changing single time is 5 seconds, automatic counting, automatic cross out automatically for a single.

● Synchronized with the production management system,order management,Centralized management, do not slow down automatically for a single.

● Production management for a single waste less than 700mm.

● Crawler stacking platform, AC servo control movements, Stacking smooth, neat.

● When stacking reaches a set number of automatic frequency control smooth laterally out of paper.

● Tailgate AC servo control positioning for a single automatic, rapid, precise adjustment.

● Tailgate automatically shift for small orders stacking.

● Delivery side of the standard electric transport planes, and duplex trolley.

● Independent sealed control cabinets, electrical equipment operating under clean environment.

● Color touch-screen display for easy on-site operation.

● Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency and save manpower, reduce labor intensity.