Development Situation of Carton Machinery

Pulished on Aug. 19, 2018

In recent years, the economic development has accelerated. As one of the four major industries in China, packaging machinery is also constantly developing and changing. It is related to the growth of the national economy, and packaging machinery is under pressure to occupy an important position in the domestic market. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the development of packaging machinery in China?
    First of all, let's talk about the advantages of packaging machinery in China's domestic development: the production of most enterprises in China is indispensable to use a variety of packaging machinery and equipment, such as: Packaging machine, Corrugated Cardboard Production Line, Flexo Printing Slotting machine,
Flute Laminator, Folder Gluer Machine, Stitcing Machine, Baling Machine, Inkjet Printer, Labeling Machine, etc., prove that packaging machinery has a huge consumer group in China; packaging machinery involves all walks of life, and the application fields are extensive. In the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beverages, medicine and many other industries have their own shadows, and there is the possibility of continuous expansion; from a professional point of view, China's packaging machinery design concept is very flexible, equipment manufacturers can be different according to users Requires tailor-made; China's geographical advantage, the company's equipment production problems have a good channel to timely understand the trend, problems can be timely to respond to measures and adjustment methods; China's packaging machinery manufacturing and commissioning cycle are higher than abroad Short, relatively low price, maintenance and so on are relatively easy, bringing many domestic customers Convenient.  

Secondly, the current development disadvantage of packaging machinery in China: Everything has two sides, and the good side also hides this negative side. Although China's packaging machinery is in a period of rapid development, many equipment manufacturers are repeating production at some bottom-level products, plus the reasons for the small scale of the enterprise, excessive dependence on imports, insufficient research and development, and fewer professional and technical personnel. No one no longer restricts the healthy development of this packaging machinery industry in China.

In this industry where advantages and disadvantages coexist, packaging machinery needs to develop an accurate development strategy, give play to the advantages of the industry, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and promote the healthy, fast, and environmentally friendly industry to steadily advance and fully develop in the competitive market competition.