High defination flexo printer slotter machine

Pulished on Apr. 15, 2021


● TOP SPEED1224 adop fully automatic computer control. No need adjust by wheels. 

● Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine with independent operations console for remote diagnosis, remote network control orders, speaking, reading and writing, Max speed 325pcs/min. 

● Equipped ceramic roller and doctor blade for much better printing quality.

● Equipped taper transition of drive roller ensures stability under high speed printing machine. Adopt high quality alloy steel 20 CrMnTi gear grinding gears, guarantee the equipment under the 

  high-speed transmission stability.

● Equipped with automatic tracking units can be on paper, printing, slitting, die-cutting position automatic tracking, ensure that don't have to return to zero in the process of production operation, 

  change quickly, improve work efficiency. 


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