• GM-E Double Glue Machine

GM-E Double Glue Machine

Product Description

Structural Features:

● After quenched of the glue roller surface,the hole machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved anilox pit type, coating evenly, less consumption of plastic

● Glue roller turns is controlled by the frequency motor,by inverter control ensures glue roller line speed synchronous machine with double machine,they can operate independently。

● Electric adjustment display the glue amount。Automatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation, viscosity stability。

● Pneumatic structure platen gap by electric tuning。On the next floor are made independent variable frequency motor drive。

● Take the speed signal of the double facer,so as to synchronous operation with it. Man-machine interface display, easy operation

● Amount of glue automatic adjustment control,amount of glue automatic adjustment with the produce speed, in automatic mode, you can also get in manual tuning.


Technical Parameters:

● Temperature range of the preheater:160—200℃   steam pressure:0.8—1.2Mpa

● Air source system :0.4—0.7Mpa

● Highest mechanical speed:200m/min