• Fingless Adsorption Type Single Facer
  • Fingless Adsorption Type Single Facer
  • Fingless Adsorption Type Single Facer

Fingless Adsorption Type Single Facer

Product Description

SF-280S Fingerless adsorption Type Single Facer

Structural Features:

● Adopt vacuum suction structure, with high pressure strong blower.Suction with silencer.Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation cabinet, not less than 1.5 meters away from the host,Fully enclosed full operation side。

● Base and wallboard cast iron wall,Wallboard thickness130mm。universal Joints.

corrugated roller material adopt 48CrMoalloy steel,quenched、Laser hardening,Surface finish, main roll of corrugated diameter¢ 280mm, surface hardnessHRC60degree above.The key parts of the tile and pressure roller bearings Wafangdian produce high temperature bearings.

● Pressure roller ¢ 284mm,surface grinding and chrome-plated;cylinder control and remove up and down, 45 carbon steel materials, quenching (with cushioning devices).

Regular Technical Parameters:

● Effective width: 1800mm

● Operation direction: left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)

● Design speed: 100m/min

● Temperature range: 200—260℃

● Corrugated flute:(UV type or UVV type)

Roller Diameters Parameters:

● Diameter of corrugated roller: ¢280mm

● Diameter of pressure roller: ¢284mm

● Diameter of glue roller: ¢216mm

● Diameter of preheat roller: ¢320mm

Fingless Type Single Facer

280mm roller corrugated single facer machine

Fingless Type Single Facer

cassette type single facer - fast change roller

Fingless Type Single Facer