• 7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
  • 7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
  • 7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

TYPE: YX-250-2200
Product Description

Main technical parameters and requirements in production line

Type:YX250-2200 type 7 layer corrugated paperboard production line:

1Effective width2200mm2Design produce speed250m/min
3Three layer work speed180-220m/min4Five layer work speed140-180m/min
5Seven layer work speed120-150m/min6The highest change single speed150m/min
7Longitudinal separation accuracy±1mm8Cross-cutting precision±1mm
noteSpeed the above targets required to achieve:effective width2200mm,Comply with the following standards and ensure the paper's equipment condition 175 ℃ heating surface temperature.
Top  paper index100g/㎡--180g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥8    (Water containing8-10%)
Core paper index80g/㎡--160g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥5.5  (Water containing8-10%)
In paper index90g/㎡--160g/㎡    Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥6    (Water containing8-10%)
9Flute combination
10Steam requirmentThe maximum pressure 16kg/cm2Common pressure10-12kg/cm2use4000kg/Hr
11Electricity demandAC380V 50Hz 3PHTotal power≈400KWRunning Power≈220KW
12Compressed airThe maximum pressure 9kg/cm2Common pressure4-8kg/cm2use1m3/min
13space≈Lmin110m*Wmin12m*Hmin5m(The actual drawing to provider to provide audited prevail)

Customer-owned section
1、 steam heating system:proposal with 4000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler    pressure:1.25Mpa    steam pipeline.
2、 air compressed machine、air pipeline、glue conveying pipe.
3、 power supply、wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.
4、 water sources、water pipelines、buckets and so on.
5、 Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.
6、 Test with the base paper、corn starch (potato)、Industrial use caustic soda、borax and other material.
7、 Oil equipment、lubricating oil、hydraulic oil、lubricating grease.
8、 installation、commissioning of food, accommodation。And provide installers with the installation.

※ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

※structural feature 

1adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and othersthe lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

2brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.

3every stand matched two sets paper car , and  they can paper on the both sides at the same time.


※technical parameters

1、the range of clamping paperMAX2200mm MIN1000mm  

2、clamping diametersMAX1500mm MIN350mm

3、main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢240mm    

4、gas source work pressureMpa):0.4---0.8Mpa

5、equipment sizeLmx4.3*Wmx1.8*Hmx1.6              

6、single weightMAX4000Kg

7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

※RG-1-900 topcorepaper preheat cylinder

※RG-4-900  triple preheater


※structural features

1preheat roller accord the pressure container national standards,and enclose the pressure container certificates and inspection certificate.

2Each roller surface after grinding precision grinding and dealing with hard chrome plating, Surface friction is small, durable

3electric adjustment angle, and angle can rotation adjustment the preheat area in the range of  360°

※SF-360C1 fingerless type single facer

※structural feature

1Main corrugated roller: 360mmaccording to the flute shape different),pressure roller

415mmpreheat roller400mm

2Adopt negative pressure design,use less heat,make the core paper can be pressed evenly and attached to the surface of the corrugated roller, make the corrugator shape better.Because the pressure is evenly,the top of the corrugator can be glued more evenly,make the single corrugated paper bond better.

3Corrugated roller use 48Crmo alloy steel, though heat treatment, surface through grinding make tungsten carbide treatment.

4Corrugated roller and pressure roller use high stability gasbag control system, also have air pressure control buffering function.

5Glue quantity control use electric adjust, glue isolation device electricglue system can operate independently when main machine stop, to avoid glue use up.Glue tank is made of stainless steel.

6Movable type glue system, wash easily, maintenance and repair is more easy.

7Simple control system and touch screen system, with colorful pictures show the operate satefunction choicefaliure indicationexclude and parameter setting all can act out the machine’s multi function, easy operation and humanization.

8Preset device inside with spray system, adjust the core paper’s temperature and moisture.

9Main,vice corrugated roller and pressure roller bearing all use high temperature grease, to make sure the bearing working life longer and running smoothly.

10Pressure roller use unpowered structure, original design, advanced structure,greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the equipment at high speed.

11Both ends of the pressure roller equiped with weighing sensor, which can direct detect the pressure at both ends of the pressure roller.

7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line