• Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine
  • Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine
  • Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine

Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine

TYPE: YX-2400
Product Description


● YX-2400B HIGH SPEED TWO PIECE FOLDER GLUER machine is a new type of "people-oriented and efficient" based on the change of domestic and international market demand, comprehensive analysis of similar products both at home and abroad and on the basis of further research on manufacturing, "Excellent performance" double-sided paste box machine.

● The machine uses dual servo feed, to ensure the stability of high-speed feeding equipment and high-speed feed synchronization, and servo feed can make A and B products individually set the feed size, to solve the size of the film problem.

● Glue using double glue, respectively, hot-melt adhesives and general sealing plastic, to ensure that the product into the container and cold storage after 100% bonding.

● Two-piece docking position is also used when the double-servo Qi paper, to the machine at low speed bonding and high-speed bonding provides the same accuracy of consistency.

● This machine can be flat box and shaped box, the first regulation of our original company, using a regulatory dual-use, to shorten the time for the transfer machine for a single.

● The machine is a dual-use machine, double-chip box and single-chip box can be produced by the conversion from single-chip box to single-chip box just 2 minutes to complete.


Feed size (single)Maximum 1200 * 1200 Minimum 500 * 450
Applicable paper rangeA-E Corrugated and 6 mm below the five cardboard
Mechanical speed0-2200 PIECES/HOUR
Machine size (length, width and height)9660 * 4200 * 1310 (vertical compression)4060 * 3200 * 1310 (horizontal pressure)
heating power2KW
Total power9KW