• Automatic Folding Gluing and Stitching Machine
  • Automatic Folding Gluing and Stitching Machine
  • Automatic Folding Gluing and Stitching Machine
  • Automatic Folding Gluing and Stitching Machine

Automatic Folding Gluing and Stitching Machine

TYPE: YKGS-2400, YKGS-2800
Product Description

Machine Introduction

This machine is an economical fully automatic stiching/gluing machine, which is composed of paper feeding part, glue folding part, nail box part and counting stacking output part. Multi-purpose machine, can be glued, nailed, or three-layer and five-layer cardboard. It is an ideal purchasing equipment for large and medium-sized carton factories.

1. Paper feeder Unit

 ★Adopt high friction belt suction paper feeding method, accurate and reliable, and better adapt to the processing of curved cardboard.

★Remote adjustment system: remote adjustment during machine adjustment, convenient and timely.

★Adopt high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the paper feeding section can be controlled separately.

★The first 4 rounds of crimping are used in the paper feeding section, and the auxiliary paperboard is troubled due to poor molding.

★The paper feeding belt can be adjusted independently: the suction belt of the paper feeding can be moved left and right. If there is a large cardboard, the belt position can be moved to adjust the belt evenly to make the paper feeding more stable.

★Humanized workbench: The position of the paper on the workbench is recessed, and the worker can approach the machine without touching the paper.

★The frequency conversion speed regulation is linked with the paper feeding section and the folding section, with an average speed of 100-180 pieces/min.

2. Glue folding Unit


★The conveyor belt adopts the ring-free, high-friction belt imported from Germany to ensure the correct conveying of the cardboard

★Stainless steel glue wheel, even and glue-saving, never rust, resistant to various glue corrosion.

★The folding section is equipped with a cardboard creasing correction device. The unique crimping angle can be adjusted in all directions and can be adjusted in all directions. It can make the creasing line be reorganized when the cardboard is folded.

3. Stitcher Unit

★The entire set of nail heads are all made of Japanese die steel and are processed by computer gongs.

★Single nails/, double nails//, reinforced nails (// // //the two ends are double nails and the middle part is single nails) can be completed at one time, which can meet the different requirements of different customers for nail types.

★ It only takes one minute to change the carton size and adjust the carton nail distance, which greatly saves time and facilitates operation.

4. Counting stacking output

★ This group has unique and most advanced coaxial unsynchronized devices, each doing its best to correct deviation well. Using PLC programmable controller and touch screen, digital control. Quick response, accurate and reliable action, and simple operation.

★Pneumatic mode is used for counting and launching, the action is reliable, accurate and fast.

★The slow-stop conveying device is used in the pressing output section, which can accommodate more than 200 cartons, so that the cartons can be pressed for a long time. It not only ensures the required adhesive strength of the carton, but also effectively improves the compression resistance of the carton and makes the carton more beautiful.

★Electric lifter device: no need to climb to the machine to adjust, saving time and safety.